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Flooring contractors with all levels of experience can benefit from hardwood flooring training or a pointer or two when it comes to approaching a new trade or learning about new pieces of equipment.

Over time, you develop a rapport with your tools, learning each of their little quirks and tricks for how to complete your work faster. 

If you’re a new hardwood flooring contractor, we want to give you the best possible opportunity for success by providing you with hardwood flooring equipment training, tips and tricks to help you to complete work quickly and safely.  

Wooden floor craftmanship training 

Daniel Boone will be coming to the PDI Rentals, Repairs & Sales shop in MAY 2019 to provide our wooden flooring tradesmen with HANDS ON TRAINING & CERTIFICATION, sponsored by American Sanders Sand & Finish School! 

Hardwood flooring equipment training event Daniel Boone

American Sanders were the first company to make wood floor sanders and start the trade, so they really know their stuff when it comes to wooden flooring craftsmanship. Daniel wants to share his +50 years of experience with willing tradesmen who are looking to learn the tricks of the trade. 

“It’s my passion, my life, its who I am, it’s what we do and it’s taken me around the world and made me a lot of friends that share the same passion for the trade. It’s a Craft!” – Daniel Boone 


28th & 29th MAY, 8am – 5pm EDT 

What can you expect to learn at American Sanders upcoming Sand and Finish class?
You will learn new and different techniques on how to run each machine and make it work its best for you on different applications.  

Daniel will also be teaching the Double edger technique, clocking the buffer for best results and other useful techniques on a FloorCrafter. 

“We must always be a student in any trade to learn and set the standard higher.” – Daniel Boone 

Expand your services 

Whether you’re a dedicated hardwood flooring expert or a building contractor looking to add another service to your repertoire, we can help you to develop your hardwood flooring knowledge and techniques so that you can cut down on snagging, increase your hardwood flooring finishing speed and keep your customers happy! 

Learn about hardwood flooring installation: 

  • Sanding patterns and techniques that make flatter floors
  • How to clock the buffer to eliminate scratch marks
  • Double style edging techniques to achieve smoother edges
  • How to create ceruse and wire-brush finish effects
  • How to apply Timber Guard water-based finish 
  • Rolling techniques 
  • Sandpaper use and the difference between different sandpaper minerals 
  • Techniques and uses of different flooring equipment 

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“Be The Best You Can Be” 

american sanders training pdi rentalJoin us at our training session sponsored by American Sanders Sand & Finish Schools.  

Reach your potential with hands-on training courses designed to enhance your current skill set as a wood floor craftsman.  

Whether you are an experienced contractor or just getting started as a sand and finish flooring craftsman, the American Sanders training classes can help you become the best that you can be. 

Learn more about training with American Sanders Sand & Finish Schools.